Occupational Health

What is occupational health?

Occupational health professionals aim to find out what the impact of your work is on your health, and make sure you are fit for the work you do.  Our team of experts that fill occupational health roles are tasked with preventing work-related diseases and carrying out assessments. This includes sudden injury at work (e.g. through a slip or trip) and long-term exposure to hazards, such as repetitive strain injury or stress.

Occupational health also involves pre-employment medicals, preventing work-related diseases, through safe working practices, ergonomics, health surveillance of the workforce and sickness absence management.

Your employer can refer you to occupational health if you have a health problem – including mental-ill health – that is affecting your work or causing you to take time off sick, particularly if this is more than two or three weeks at once. Occupational health referrals are intended to see what adjustments may need to be made to support you at work.

Our occupational health specialists and clinical team offer companies pre-employment checks, annual checks, sickness absence assessment and specialist medicals and travel health for employees posted abroad, or in special ‘at risk’ groups, such as oil and gas industry.