Patient Confidentiality Policy

All of our patients have a right to confidentiality. This means that we do not share any information about you with anyone except those working for other health and social care organisations involved with your care.

However, you may wish other members of your family or close friends who might be involved in your care, to be able to talk to the staff about your care on your behalf. This can be particularly useful if you find it difficult to get to the GP surgery or communication is difficult for you (such as hearing a voice on the telephone) or if that person helps to care for you.

This form will allow you to enable us to share information about your care with the person you specify on this form. We need both you and the person you would like us to share your information with to sign this form. It is important that your carer or relative treats information about your care as confidential.

You have the right to allow access to all or only part of your medical information. For instance if you have had previous medical problems you would prefer your carer or relative not to know about, you can specify this on the form. You can also override this consent to share information at a later date if you wish, for instance if you are currently undergoing treatment for a mental health condition requiring a carer to be involved and then your condition resolves.

If you have more than one person whom you wish to give permission for us to share information with, please fill out a separate form for each and return to the surgery.


Consent to share information with relative/carer