Baby Clinic

By appointment

This clinic, which is for well babies only, is run by a doctor or nurse practitioner and a health visitor. All parents are encouraged to attend with their children for developmental checks, weighing and advice. Babies aged 8 weeks will have their checks with one of our clinicians; all other checks are normally conducted with the health visitor.

Your baby will experience a lot of physical changes in the first two months of life, which is why the more detailed examination is repeated at six to eight weeks.

The examinations aim to:

  • check that your baby is healthy
  • identify any problems or conditions that may need monitoring, further investigation or treatment

Before your baby’s physical examinations, the healthcare professional will describe what they are going to do, and ask for your consent. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before, during and after the examination.

Afterwards, the healthcare professional will record the outcome of the examinations in your baby’s personal child health record.