RapidHealth FAQ

Click here to book your appointment online

Rapid health is an AI driven triage tool approved by the NHS.

Click here to book your appointment online

We understand that not everyone can do this online. Reception will still be here to help and take you through a short medical questionnaire which will you offer you an appointment in an appropriate time frame.

Rapid Health can be found on our website using this link, it can also be accessed via the QR codes in the surgery. Reception can also send you a text message with the web link.

The only way to book appointments will be via Rapid Health. Patients will still be able to access medical records, test results and prescriptions via NHS app and Patient access.

Rapid Health will be available 24 hours, Monday to Thursday and until 6.30pm on Fridays (except for bank holidays).

The planned date for Rapid Health Launch is the 30th October 2023.

When booking an appointment, the GPs with available appointments will be shown.

All our appointments will be available. After completing the Rapid Health questions an appointment will be offered within an appropriate time frame.

Nurses, Health care assistants and Pharmacist will be booked in the same way as before via reception, this may change in the future. All other clinical staff will be booked via Rapid Health.

Patients will be offered an appointment with the most appropriate clinician.

Once you have completed our triage questionnaire we will offer an appointment in the most appropriate time frame. If you have not received an appointment, reception will be informed and your issue may be triaged by the duty doctor. Reception will be in contact within 48 hours.

The information which you provide is saved to your medical records and is reviewed by the clinician during your appointment. If you require our assistance when booking an appointment but want the reason to remain confidential, we have IPads available at reception to use where a care co-ordinater can assist you when needed. Every employee at the Groves adheres to our confidentially policy.

The Same way as before, please contact the surgery and book in with a Pharmacist.

The Same way as before, please call the surgery and book the next available ‘telephone results’ appointment.

The Same way as before. Our reception team will be in contact with you to arrange the 8 week appointments.

The Same way as before. Please contact the surgery and reception will be there to help.

Same away as before. Please contact the surgery to book a Nurse or Health Care Assistant appointments.

The Clinicans will book your follow up appointment if required.

All patients will receive a text/email confirming their appointment. In this message it will tell you to contact the surgery if you require an interpreter or assistance.

If you need an existing sick note extended:
Please email/call/post a request to reception who will pass this onto a Clinician.

If you need your sick note extended but require a review:
Please email/call/post to the surgery to book a follow up appointment with the Clinician who last issued your sick note.

If you need a new sick note:
– If the issue is new but the surgery has documentation i.e. Hospital discharge summary, reception can pass your request and information to a Clinician.
– If the issue is new with no documentation, or a very old issue then you will need to see a Clinician. Please fill out the Rapid Health questionnaire and you will be offered an appropriate appointment.